Here are a couple of testimonial letters from customers.

Letter 1 Letter 2

Letter 1

Dear Sir,
Early last summer I purchased one of your Capstan Model SP-CW Winches. What I am about to offer, a testimonial to its performance, may not be as much of a surprise to you as to me. We hunt elk in very rough country, 60 degree slopes with access through lots of blow downs, no A.T.V. access and too rough and too far for horses. After reading the literature and examining the winch I was skeptical to say the least. We killed the elk three miles from a jeep trail thirteen miles back in on opening morning. Eight hours later on one half gal. of gas we were back to the trail. We had traversed two slopes 45 to 60 degrees plus 3/4 of a mile of blow downs. Using a snatch block we literally lifted the elk over four ft. wind falls, unbelievable performance! We hunt the country because the elk live there and we see no other hunters. Iím pushing 70 and canít backpack any more. Thanks to your winch I donít have to. There is no improvement you could make.
    Thanks, Steve & Mike Sickle

Letter 2

I've put this off long enough, I have an honor bound duty to tell you how pleased I am with your (my) winch. I've had this piece of equipment long enough to use it during two elk seasons, and without it would never have ventured into several productive areas. Most elk hunters have heard the story "that" elk went down with the first shot, fell into a hole between downed lodge pole pines, head down, feet up, we had to quarter it just to field dress it". Well, that's what happened to my daughter, her first elk. We just hooked onto the two front legs, did a dally around it's nose, pulled that enormous cow onto a level spot and went to work. Then with someone cutting a four-foot section out of 120 yards of downed poles up a 12% grade, that Simpson winch went to work. What is the price of avoiding a heart attack or physically over doing something during the stressful time of getting game out of the woods? Well I've tried it and the Simpson Capstan Rope Winch can't be beat. No cable to try to wind up on a spool; polyester line works awful nice even in mud and snow. In order to justify having your winch, I feel obligated to use it for non-hunting uses. It will pull juniper trees for firewood to my pickup where I'm reluctant to take a 4x4. One should use good judgment in the use of this machine, it has the potential to generate a tremendous pulling power.
    Respectfully, Robert L. Bertalot