Winch Models
3/8" Twisted Polyester
5/16" Double Braid Polyester
Carabineer& Pulley 8' Cable Replacement Stub Bar
Replacement Chain Loop


The SP-CW model is self propelled by a Honda 4 Stroke OHC engine, with an approved spark arrestor & throttle control. It can pull up to 2000 pounds, straight line pull, at 22 ft / min. It weighs in at 18 pounds and has a 5 year warranty on winch(1 year on the engine).

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The CS-CW model attaches to a chain saw with an engine that is 3.5 cubic inches or smaller. The saw must have an automatic oilier, 3/8" pitch drive sprocket and a throttle lock to lock it at 2/3 throttle. The pull weight and pull speed vary depending on the size of engine. This winch weighs 9 pounds plus the weight of the saw and has a 5 Year warranty on the winch.

(Saw not included)
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Low Stretch Rope

We handle two types of low stretch polyester rope. A 3/8" 3 strand twisted rope that has a 2,900 pound tensile strength and a 5/16" double braided that has a 4,200 pound tensile strength. We now have a 3/8" double braided rope (looks like the 5/16" rope) that has a 5,600 pound tensile strength.

3/8" Rope

Here is a closer look at the 3/8" twisted rope.

5/16" Rope

Here is a closer look at the 5/16" double braided rope. The 3/8" double braided looks the same.

Carabineer& Pulley

This carabineer& pulley are used as a snatch block to improve the pulling capability of the winch. These two items only weigh 6.3 ounces.

8' Cable

This is a 8' cable for use with the carabineer& pulley or as a spare cable for your winch.

CS-CW Chain Loop & Stub Bar

Picture of replacement CS-CW chain loop. Picture of replacement stub bar. These two items sold separately.